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Cifrotech is a national distributor of digital equipment, portable electronics, small home appliances and services of mobile network operators.

The Company has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2004, and exporting abroad since 2017. Cifrotech has deep experience in B2B sales as well as the promotion of both world-renowned and new to the market innovative brands. Among the partners of Cifrotech are the world leaders SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, SONY. Further, Cifrotech is a key distributor, for brands such as NOMI, XIAOMI (Mi), ZTE, VIVO, SONY PLAYSTATION (PS), ROVER.

Cifrotech increases the sales of partners and the market share of manufacturers, forming a market of smart devices, thanks to the synergy created by a unique range of products, maximum distribution and unmatched expertise in retail sales.

In order to realize our mission and maximize the comfort of our partners, we have created 17 branches throughout Ukraine. All Branches have different structures and amount of customer service staff. However, all locations have teams of well-trained and experienced professionals that do their best to achieve the highest possible result and maximize customer satisfaction.

Cifrotech offers one-day delivery on the full assortment of products throughout the majority of Ukraine and two-day delivery to some out-of-the-way places.

At the same time, a wide range of accessories and even a small number of phones can be purchased simply from the warehouse of your regional branch


If you want to save time and do maximum work automatically, at your service there is a high-tech B2B portal where you   can do almost everything: order a newsletter (price-lists), choose the product assortment for your store, look at the features and image of the products, view promotions, make an order, and generate reconciliation reports.  All this is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

And with its own IT specialists, it is even possible to set up automatic orders via API.


For partners thinking about opening a store under a serious, well-known brand, we offer participation in the franchise program – Mobilochka.

Now the project has about 130 retail outlets throughout Ukraine. Participants receive separate marketing support, recommendations on the matrix and on the presentation of the goods at the outlet. More information on participation in the franchising project can be found via the link.

In addition to the ‘Mobilochka’ brand, Cifrotech also supervises the franchising project of the 2nd grade on the ‘MI’ brand. In other words, our partners have the opportunity to open an official sales outlet under the well-known world ‘MI’ brand.

We are well aware that our task is not only convenient shipping to the partner, but also the care of the most effective sales of our goods directly from the shelf.



Our field team helps maximize sales at the sales outlets. Merchandisers conduct mini-trainings on products in the largest cities of Ukraine directly in store, find answers to questions from the sales assistants regarding exclusive brands, help them meet the customer’s requests as much as possible, check the display of the agreed product range. The aggregate information on monitorings can be obtained by all partners participating in it on a weekly basis.



Cooperating with us also provides an opportunity to train and educate the sales assistants. For that purpose, Cifrotech twice a year conducts face-to-face (classroom) trainings, in which it teaches how to effectively communicate with customers, emphasizing the benefits of the products of exclusive brands. Furthermore, it supports the partners over the year with up to date information, conducting on-line training. We are also currently developing a training portal for partners, through which it will be possible to get information on products at any time day or night and then test your product knowledge.

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